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Scientific studies show that practicing mindful gratitude is an effective way to consistently increase individual long-term happiness. Often referred to as gratitude, we call it ‘Thankfulness’.

The purpose of Thankful is simple.  To help remind people to recognize and celebrate everyday Thankful Moments, giving them a more positive outlook on life. By creating a global social movement we are able to support and empower those in need, one Thankful Moment at a time.

The power of being 'Thankful' isn’t just about reflecting on momentous 'world moments'. Rather, it’s about acknowledging, the everyday things:

  • The first morning coffee
  • A stranger who holds the door open for you
  • Your mom, who’s always there at the end of the phone

Joining the Thankful Movement doesn't cost a thing and sharing your Thankful Moments is wonderfully contagious.

And as research proves that by acknowledging the ‘positives’ in our day, we have the potential to boost our mood, improve our sleep, enhance our relationships, increase our immune systems and decrease stress levels.

Remind yourself of the people and the things that you’re Thankful for today and share them at #IAmThankful4